The kashrut (noun of kosher) are all laws concerning what is allowed to eat and not eaten within Jewish law.

All that we can eat is called kosher, which in Hebrew is an adjective that means “appropriate”, and it complies with all the Torah and Talmudic laws.

Here, Zomick’s Kosher Bakery, which is established in Inwood, NY, shares the kosher food laws.

You Can Not Mix Milk And Meat

If you enter a Jewish house or a restaurant frequented by Orthodox Jews you probably notice that they have two sponges, two different colored dinnerware cabinets with colored marks or signs that say “milk”, “meat” or “parvé”.

What does this mean?

This means that they are not allowed to mix milk and meat while preparing the food. This is a very strict prohibition in the Torah. According to Zomick’s bakery, for the food to be kosher, no derivative of milk can touch the meat you eat and vice versa. That means you cannot eat a cheeseburger, a yogurt sauce with chicken, or an onion soup with consommé and a piece of Parmesan. This applies equally to kitchen utensils and food.

The dishes, the pots, and the cutlery that we use absorb the ingredients and the flavor of the food that we cook with them. Therefore, if a dish was used to eat meat or chicken, you cannot use it again to eat dairy products if you have not carried out a kasherization process. That is why observant families have two to three dinnerware and several sets of utensils, separated by colors and cabinets.

What Is Parve?

Zomick’s explains that “Parve” are all ingredients that are not derived from milk or meat. That includes vegetables, fruits, fish, cereals, and eggs, among others. The good side of these foods is that they can be combined with meat or milk as the person prefers, which is why they are extremely useful. Surely if you enter a store of kosher products you will find signs that say “milk parve”. It is a way to call products that have that flavor but do not have a pinch of meat or milk in total, such as soy meat, for example. The “parvé milk” is generally made from almonds or oats and the “parve chicken consommé” of vegetables and salts produces a similar flavor.

The Kosher Should Not Be Contaminated From The Taref

According to Zomick’s kosher bakery, just as the meat should not be mixed with milk to be eaten properly, kosher food should not be mixed with foods that are not kosher. This is because that makes it taref (not kosher). This also applies to utensils.

Enjoy It!

Zomick’s shares that these rules are made to help you find yourself and to seek God. The kosher offers you a huge opportunity to learn about your strength, self-control, and challenge. Finally, you know how far you want to take it and how to relate to this concept. There are many more things that can be said about kosher that you can explore. Zomick’s mission is to satisfy the needs of its customers (read positive customers reviews) and really hopes that this information will help you.

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