Being raised in a Jewish household, challah happens to be one of my favorite traditions. Challah bread is now eaten by many people, but it is a traditional Jewish bread eaten on Sabbath days and holidays.

If you’re unfamiliar with challah bread, it’s a slightly-sweet braided Jewish egg bread, perfect for toasting, snacking, sandwiches, butter and honey, butter and jam, and butter and butter. Its light and the buttery flavor is something I remember diving into with a zest for life.

Homemade challah is a fun recipe to make together as a family, but, if you don’t like to go through the effort of making it at home, you can always buy one. Zomick’s bakery makes various kosher culinary delights, the most amazing of which is Zomick’s challah bread.  It’s light and fluffy, it’s buttery, and it’s filled with those classic spices that you love, giving it that unique swirl and a flavor that you have to taste to believe.

This bakery offers a wide variety of challah bread. They are different from each other because of the ingredients that are used. The most famous are Zomick’s Challah bread with wholegrain flour, vegan Zomick’s Challah bread, and Zomick’s Challah bread with oat flour and flax seeds.

The name challah is derived from the Hebrew word. Used for portion in the biblical commandment the first of your dough you shall give unto the Lord a portion for a gift throughout your generations. Jews were biblically commanded to separate from their doughs one twenty‑fourth and give it to the priests every Sabbath. In post-Temple times the rabbis ordained that a portion, which had to be at least the size of an olive, must be separated from the dough and burned. It is still a tradition for Jewish bakers and observant homemakers to tear a tiny lump of risen dough from any type of bread and to burn it in the oven or fire while making a blessing.

Making bread doesn’t have to be serious or scary. Just follow Zomick’s challah recipe and enjoy your favorite mashup of holiday flavors, all in one beautifully swirled loaf of bread.  You can also visit the bakery and check out their freshly baked loaves of bread and a variety of scrumptious treats. This family-owned Kosher bakery promises to delight every heart’s desire and sweet tooth.

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