Zomick’s Bakery about Kosher cuisine

As one of the oldest bakeries and creator of many kosher recopies, Zomick’s kosher bakery shared their views about why it is important to keep the kosher dietary tradition.

zomicks kosher cuisine

What is kosher food?

Which animals are kosher? How is kosher food prepared?

Anyone who has ever been to a place with a large Jewish community has probably enjoyed a kosher hot dog, kosher falafel, or other kosher specialties. What is the history of this delicious food?

The Hebrew word “kosher” literally means “proper” or properly prepared. Food permitted by the Torah, and prepared in accordance with Jewish law is kosher.

Why keep kosher?

In today’s modern world, why should we keep kosher?

Of course, the most important answer to this question is “because God said so.” But, beyond this there are practical, observable benefits to keeping kosher today:

Spirituality is probably the biggest reason. The Torah teaches that non-kosher food has a negative impact on the Jewish soul. Eating non-kosher food blocks the connection between body and soul, and devitalizes the spiritual connection. This damage can be repaired when the person again begins to eat kosher food. By consuming kosher food we instill our self-discipline and elevate our spirituality, by making conscious choices, reveal from Zomick’s bakery.

According to Zomick’s kosher bakery also important is the health reason. Compared with the ordinary, non restrictive food, kosher is considered as being healthier and cleaner. Over the past years, the number of health-conscious customers has been steadily rising. The supermarket chains are increasing their kosher offerings to meet the growing demand, share Zomick’s.

Moral Lessons:  One of the kosher dietary most important standards is avoiding cruelty and thus the method of slaughter must be painless, and for that reason it has been widely recognized as the most humane method of slaughter possible.

Another reason is keeping the tradition, or even more keeping the family tradition that has been passed thorough years within the family. By keeping the kosher tradition they connect with their sense of identity, their history and culture. Such traditions have kept the spirit of Judaism alive, conclude from Zomick’s kosher bakery.




Zomick’s Bakery about Kosher cuisine
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