Zomick’s Kosher Bakery is located in Inwood, NY, and has been serving fresh baked goods to its customers for more than half a century. This is their listing at Foursquare. Zomick’s are stressing the following reasons for adhering to a kosher diet:


The Torah teaches that non-kosher food has a negative impact… By eating non-kosher food, we reduce the ability of the soul to “connect with the spiritual.” This damage can be repaired when the person resumes eating kosher food.

Self Establishment

If a person can be disciplined to choose what and when to eat, he or she will also be disciplined in many other areas of life. All of this instills self-discipline and helps us to elevate our spiritual side, so we follow our consciousness and not the animal urges.

Health Reasons

Thanks to the special control, kosher foods are considered healthier and cleaner. After slaughter, it is checked whether there is inflammation in the lungs or other health problems, and the blood, which is an ideal medium for bacteria, is removed. Shellfish, mollusks, lobsters, and crabs have spread typhoid and are a source of urticaria (skin disease). Milk and meat are digested at an unequal rate and thus are burdening our bodies. And, of course, pigs are hosts of trichinosis.

Moral Lessons

It teaches us that we should not be cruel – even to animals. It is forbidden to slaughter a mother and her cub on the same day. When slaughtering an animal, it should be done in a way that will produce the least possible pain to the animal. Likewise, the prohibition to eat vicious birds of prey teaches us that we should not be cruel.


One of the key preconditions to being a good Jewish family is the observance of kosher food. If our home is kosher, then our commitment to Judaism and the sacrifices we endure for it becomes permanently imprinted in the souls of our children. And since food is often the center of social events, keeping kosher creates a natural barrier to assimilation. For many people, a bridge connecting the past and the future just with a spiritual smell of kosher cuisine.

Outside of the Jewish community, kosher food has been worldwide recognized as healthy and of very good quality. It is consumed by members of other religions, as well as people who care about food intake or are allergic to certain foods.

To learn more about Zomick’s bakery,  the company’s info, its team members, fundraising, and more follow the company at AngelList.

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