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Looking for a Delicious Kosher Dessert? – Search No More

Nowadays we have a whole new world of kosher, and the Zomato kosher community isn’t afraid to spell the difference of success vs. failure. When Zomick’s Kosher Bakery began its venture six decades ago, they couldn’t imagine that one day they’ll turn into one of the finest, most successful kosher bakeries in NYC. In fact, many people credit Zomick’s for the rise of the kosher community. Whether you’re seeking a slice of pie, a loaf of bread or the traditional rugelach and macaroons, you have plenty of dessert-worthy options in here.

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Zomick’s Bakery about Kosher cuisine

As one of the oldest bakeries and creator of many kosher recopies, Zomick’s kosher bakery shared their views about why it is important to keep the kosher dietary tradition.

zomicks kosher cuisine

What is kosher food?

Which animals are kosher? How is kosher food prepared?

Anyone who has ever been to a place with a large Jewish community has probably enjoyed a kosher hot dog, kosher falafel, or other kosher specialties. What is the history of this delicious food? Continue reading Zomick’s Bakery about Kosher cuisine