Zomick’s follows Kosher consumers

Finding the right way to make clear that Zomick’s Kosher bakery always tries to deliver to its customers nothing but a perfectly healthy products, intending to present the full benefits of Kosher products that help maintain your health – the bakery decided to contact their faithful customers . Therefore Zomick’s approached them and asked several questions related to the use of Kosher bakery products.

Zomick’s follows Kosher consumers

The event “Zomick’s follows Kosher consumers” was completed with positive outcomes, and in addition follows a statement of passers who, after shopping in one of the largest supermarkets in New York, had their bags with some of Zomick’s products. We asked them to answer the question:

“Why Zomick’s?”

Monica, teacher

Age: 50 years

Consumer of: Zomick’s Challah Bread 100% Integral

As a mother, wife and teacher I have a pretty serious role in the lives of several people around me. My lifestyle, and this certainly includes the diet, is an example to those around me, especially smaller ones with whom I spend 8 hours a day – my students.

Of course my kids also look up to me, I’m happy they are already grown up and learned what is truly good for them, so for me it remains to convey what is best for the remaining thirty that every morning I welcomed with a twinkle in their eyes and desire to learn something new. In addition I should mention my husband who after years of stressful life in the private sector realized that only a healthy diet will maintain his health and will provide sufficient energy to pass the day.

My choice, that is our choice, is 100% Zomick’s integral bread, because of the high content of dietary fiber, a combination of whole wheat and integral rye flour. This combination is also ideal to protect women from the risk of onset of breast cancer. I read an article from Zomick’s in which it was clearly stated that women who consume large amounts of dietary fiber have a 11% lower risk of developing breast cancer, compared with those who entered less.

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